HairBungee (Hair Bungee) Silicon the Worlds First Silicon Hair Tie ... 

• New micro hook for the ULTIMATE HOLD

• Lower profile for comfort

• Award winning design

• Less tension required. No hair damage

• Glides from the hair when released

• Will not tear, tangle or matt the hair

• Perfect for thin or thick hair

• Hygienic and instant drying

• Remains positioned until released


For over 10 years Hair Bungee® has been the #1 choice for professional stylists around the world for editorial, session and salon styling and it's now available online for our customers.

Unlike regular hair elastics that are shaped in a ring, Hair Bungee® is a single piece of specialised silicon with special hooks on both ends. 

Hair Bungee lets you wrap & unwrap your hair without pulling or tugging; just one of the many reasons why it is favoured among celebrities, global fashion weeks and fast paced runway events.

Hair Bungee Silicon - Black

  • Hair Bungee Silicon Specifications

    • Quantity: 4 X Hair Bungee's per pack
    • Specifications: 11.5cm (relaxed), natural silicon elastic, micro hook design
  • We are so confident with our product that should you have any problems with your Hair Bungee Silicon then please contact us immediately for us to resolve this for you. We hold a 30 day Return & Refund Policy - ensuring our customers can buy with confidence.